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Tempo Project


Jonas Criscoe




Relocated to: Dimension Gallery Sculpture Park

Created in collaboration with Jonas Criscoe for the City of Austin’s TEMPO 2021, La Silla del Sol is a Mesoamerican sculpture as both a glorification and tool to interpret the natural world. Driving inspiration from ancient pyramids touched by the sunset, it becomes a safe and shaded nook for library visitors to spend some time. The intention is for visitors to be able to congregate while surrounded by colored Everblocks - a recycled plastic material that can be reused.

Much like a sundial, the sculpture tells the passing of time by its cast shadow; yet is ephemeral in nature much like the transformation of the great pyramids to ruins. The colorful pattern mirrors the sun shining down on it, reflecting back the colors of a beautiful Texas sunset. The opening dedication will pay homage to northern Mesoamerican culture with the performance of a mariachi band in hopes of celebrating a piece that will bring the community together.

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